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Why you should not miss Lake Como in autumn

September, 09 2016 ( Updated September, 08 2021)
If your idea of a great vacation is a less crowded destination, you should definitely visit Lake Como in Autumn. One of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, Lake Como in the month of October transforms into the perfect place to take a break and pamper yourself with exclusive Italian experience. The enchanting beauty of the lake and the towns on its shores accentuates during the autumn season when the climate is pleasant and the towns are friendlier and less touristy. Your pocket will also thank you for taking a trip to Lake Como during October when food, accommodation and transport are often available at discounted rates. Some of the things that you should definitely include in your itinerary on your autumn break on Lake Como are:

Take a ferry to enjoy the landscape and visit the lake towns: Lake Como often conjures up images of beautiful lake towns and villages which line up its shores. On your ferry ride, enjoy the charming sight presented by the pastel coloured villas and the opulent gardens and boulevards along the shore. The ferry ride also allows you to enjoy the snow-capped mountains which form the backdrop of the landscape and the expanse of the lake spread all around you. The environment is much more serene and the number of boats and ferries on the lake significantly reduces by this time. As the climate begins to cool, it is advisable to carry a sweater. Do not forget to check the timetable of the operating ferry services.

Buckle up for some sports and adventure: With the climate being the most appropriate, autumn is the best time for all kinds of outdoor adventure sports. Be it water sports such as, windsurfing, kitesurfing and waterskiing, or going for a hiking or biking trip to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the lake and the surrounding landscape. The temperature of the water after the long spell of summer is perfect for swimming and spending time by the beach. There are plenty of world-class golf courses around the area which can be enjoyed in a climate which is best suited for such outdoor activities.The stunning landscape of the region adds to the golfing experience.

Go local with your diet: As the summer wears off and the crowd subsides many of the restaurants begin to close. But this means that you will have the smaller ones open which serve authentic local cuisine in a more friendly and warm environment. There is no need to wait for the table and you will often find the service quick and personal. Do not forget to enjoy some local Italian wine during your vacation. Although the restaurants and bars mostly serve wines produced in the Lombardy or Valtellina region, there are some local cellars too.These natural wine cellars, or Crotti, of Lake Como are one of the most well-kept treasures of the region. Autumn remains one of the best times to go on a local wine tour with the perfect ambiance and climate. Wine aficionados should definitely try wines from the cellars of Tremezzo and Cernobbio.

Go for that memorable walk: Since the crowd has thinned by now, you have a lot of room for a peaceful retreat by the lake. The promenades are especially beautiful where you can enjoy a slow romantic walk soaking up the beauty of the landscape. The weather is predictable during the season and adds to the serene atmosphere of the place.

Enjoy an exclusive experience at Lake Como attractions: Lake Como has plenty of indoor attractions too such as the magnificent villas, historical churches and important museums which give an insight into the history of the region. It is, however, advisable to refer to the timetable of these attractions before planning a visit.

Take a day trip to neighbouring destinations: Unlike summers when the traffic is heavy, autumns are perfect for exploring the neighbouring destinations on a day trip. Milan is hardly 40 minutes away from Como by train. Visitors also love to visit the other Italian lakes like Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano on a day trip from Lake Como.  Reservation on bus and train is possible at short notice. However, renting a car is also an option.
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